Monday, 10 January 2011

Chanel at last!!!!

Well at this moment in time I am fighting insomnia, a.k.a jet lag. I flew back from Orlando, Florida this morning and landed back in the UK at 6.55am. I have battled through today thinking I will trick the jet lag and quickly fall back into the UK time zone. But I think I have failed as Im wide awake.

I went to Florida with my parents for a 12 day get away, many people at 20 years old would not just go away with their parents, but I loved it. I got to be a little girl again and not worry about a single thing. It was heaven!

I made many a visit to the Mall at Millenia.....It had EVERYTHING I could dream of and more.

Including the patent toe Chanel ballet pump that I have wanted FOREVER! and..........
I got them! I got them! I got them!

Definitely the best purchase I have made so far, £400 did seem a little steep at first considering I am an intern with no income but I soon justified the price with how much pleasure they are going to bring me.

I am a very happy girl! 

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Wishing on a star

Wish List

I sometimes like to tease myself by making a wish list of things that I would buy if I had all the money in the world, or even just a little more than I have right now. I also have got that weird "list" gene from my mother. I always find her making lists about the most random things, yet I love to make them myself.

I understand my wish lists can get out of control and a little imaginative at times but I have far too much fun dreaming about them to care.

Sandro wool-blend and Rabbit trim cape £405
Topshop woole buckle cape with fleece collar £80

Warehouse Leather shorts £70

Alice by Temperley leather shorts £340

Rick Owens leather wedge boot £725
Asos Albert leather wedge boot £65


Anya Hindmarch Miami Patent purse £110

Urban Outfitters patent bow purse £18

If only. Thats all I will say.
Luckily with high street getting the majority of their inspiration from high end designers shows, you will always find something similar at a smidgen of the price. Although its such a relief to find similar things on the high street, it doesn't stop you wanting the real thing does it?

One thing I will be saving up for is an investment bag that is a classic and that I will have for years to come. When I will have the money for it is another story.


Friday, 26 November 2010

Sandro flagship launch party!

Theres none stop chatter of Parisian ultra chic labels at the moment. Sandro being amongst them. Last night was the opening and launch party of their new flagship store in the highly desirable area of Westbourne Grove.
It was minus degrees outside but that didn't stop anyone making it to the party with the venue reaching its capacity early on in the evening. Alexa Chung was the offical party starter by showing of her DJ'ing talents through out the night.
Evelyne Chetrlte and Alexa Chung

Evelyne Chetrlte founder and creative director of Sandro seemed to be very fond of Alexa's taste in music and could be spotted having a wee jig in between sipping on champagne and mingling with the editors of UK publications. Even though she can speak very little English she managed to give an amazing interview with Grazia Daily which is definitely worth a read:-

Not only was it the opening of the flagship store but it was also the oh so anticipated introduction of Sandro's mens wear collection to the UK. Which I might add is just as good, if not better than the
womens wear.

Goody Bag Heaven

I was chuffed with my goody bag as was everyone I think. It included the AW 10 look book, an OPI nail polish and a gorgeous silk, polka dot scarf. Its one of those things that you can just quickly throw on with any old boring, plain outfit and it instantly lifts the whole look.

How generous of you Evelyne, Thank you!!!

Sandro will definitely be cropping up more and more so keep your eyes peeled.

Im already wishing I was french!!


Thursday, 11 November 2010

As Red As Remembrance

At this time of year when the weather is so dull and cold its lovely to see so many people wearing Poppys and adding a little bit of colour and vibrance into the atmosphere.

Seeing RED everywhere for Remembrance has brought my love back for colourful clothing. So many people including myself sometimes tend to stick to boring but classic colours like black, brown and navy. There easy to wear and go with anything. But I'm bored!!!

The problem I face with RED is not wearing it with black, since I was little my mom has always told me never to wear black and red together because it looks "TRASHY". So I've always been put off.


Above: Chanel ready to wear AW 10/11
Camel/taupe has been huge this season, and mixed with RED makes it an even bigger hit with me. Maybe this is the colour way I need to be opting for.

I am also a HUGE fan of lipstick and rarely leave the house without one, I always think my face looks odd now with out a little colour in my lips. Because I've been a little weary of wearing RED clothing I've gone for the lipstick. You just can"t go wrong with the Chanel classic Rouge.

Anne Hathaway = Perfection sporting the red lips. 

I think I'm going to have a play around with RED, I'm determined to be a tad more colourful!!


Friday, 5 November 2010

Mother Hens vintage gifts

Pass downs from your mom don't always fit the criteria? However I was loving when my mom dug out these beauties...vintage leather Moschino loafers, I was going to invest in a new pair. I vaguely remember putting them on when I was playing dress up as a little girl, obviously not realising that 15 years on I would be wearing them out.

I now find myself questioning whether I should go and raid my moms wardrobe for more old delights, god knows what I could find next that shes been hiding. x

Yang Du goes crazy for cartoons!

I am in LOVE with Yang Du's S/S 11 collection.

Yang Du is originally from North China, she came over to the UK nine years ago to study. She is now one of the most up and coming designers in London. Inspiration for her collection came from a trip to a toy factory when she was a little girl, it is bursting with colour, life and her most treasured memories.
Every piece of the collection has a story and unique connection to Yang herself. My favourite piece is the "dragon" like poncho above, is an imitation of her boyfriend when he is angry. I love how she expresses her self through her designs to capture memories and feelings in her own way. This makes me wonder how I would illustrate my boyfriend when he is angry?

With such a huge celebrity following already Yang Du is definitely one to watch.


IPR Press Day 3rd/4th November

Excitement has been surrounding the East End for the last two days as IPR held their Spring/Summer 11 preview for press to come check out. There was a good mixture of high end designers to high end brands, with the likes of Eudon Choi, Christopher Shannon, Richard Sorger and Prps, Lee and Religion.

There were representatives from all major publications (Vogue, ELLE, Dazed and Confused) showing keen interest in the new collections for next season. 

Above is the bespoke Eudon Choi gold leather parka that Vogue commissioned him to make. This was made especially to feature on the cover of the December issue. With Sasha Pivovarova wearing the parka, this is a huge achievement for Eudon Choi as his S/S 11 collection is only his second full collection.

IPR have flown into the lime light in recent months with such an increase in media attention towards their clients. Grace Woodward is loving Richard Sorger and is sharing his new unique, jelly fish inspired collection with the X factor contestants that she is currently styling.

Mischa Barton can't get enough of Julian J Smith, and she is not alone, Diana Vickers and Olivia Palmero have been spotted on several different occasions sporting his pieces.

Feed back on the press day was phanominal, with so many publictaions calling in the collections for shoots already. I will embrace the cold weather for a little longer but from what I have seen over the last few days I am awfully excited for what next season has in store for us.