Monday, 10 January 2011

Chanel at last!!!!

Well at this moment in time I am fighting insomnia, a.k.a jet lag. I flew back from Orlando, Florida this morning and landed back in the UK at 6.55am. I have battled through today thinking I will trick the jet lag and quickly fall back into the UK time zone. But I think I have failed as Im wide awake.

I went to Florida with my parents for a 12 day get away, many people at 20 years old would not just go away with their parents, but I loved it. I got to be a little girl again and not worry about a single thing. It was heaven!

I made many a visit to the Mall at Millenia.....It had EVERYTHING I could dream of and more.

Including the patent toe Chanel ballet pump that I have wanted FOREVER! and..........
I got them! I got them! I got them!

Definitely the best purchase I have made so far, £400 did seem a little steep at first considering I am an intern with no income but I soon justified the price with how much pleasure they are going to bring me.

I am a very happy girl! 

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